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Help finalise ‘The HydroSavers’ Creed’

December 2, 2012

I pledge to save water
My whole being I put on offer
To ensure sustainable water use
That my deeds will diffuse

I’ll report burst pipes promptly
Of course to the right authority
When I get to use a big cistern
I’mma slightly make the ball turn

If I get to use a shower
I would with plenty ….
Ask how much water you’ll use
If your bath was with a bucket

or Ask what you are washing off your body
Is it the heat or lather applied already
So you keep the water flowing
When there’s no more white for washing

In using the wash hand basin
Nno need to wet paste before brushing
Stick the brush in your mouth
‘Twill make saliva enough

Why open the tap when still brushing
When u r not yet ready 4 rinsing
Its a painfully wasteful act
When some don’t have water in fact

When buying a water closet
I’mma get one with a little outlet
Seems to drag away the stuff quickly
Stead of just draining water uselessly


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