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Respect Water

When you upen the tap
Think about the water you sap
Ask if there’s anything
You could do towards reducing
The amount of water you will
Use for the chore until
You get to that inner area
Which senses the scarcity of water

If you think it’s too tedious
Imagine yourself bringing
Water from the taps outside
Into your room upside
Think of how people struggle
Just to get a sip without smuggle
Perhaps may prick thy being
To use water with a sense of saving


Change attitude towards water!

Our taps stopped flowing
Just for some hours fleeting
Can’t describe the discomfort
When I needed to use the pot

It all started coming to me
But for water running free
How would humans survive
How would vegetation thrive

I began to think deeply
How water’s wasted greatly
Within the home and many places
Without effort to pull our laces

Laces to our conservational boots
Boots we need to cut the roots
Of bad attitude towards water use
How we’ve no concern to refuse

To be wasters of precious Water
And rather learn to be a Saver
If you care about the future
Let’s wreck wantons wasting water

Introducing “The Plumber’s Son”

Imagine you were in the middle of a long tiring journey or road-trip. You feel hungry, there is a rest stop ahead. The vehicle thankfully makes a stopover, and take a bite, and suck some juice or water. Let’s say you buy a bottle of water to take along to quench later thirst… then that water runs out. For those in Ghana, the driver could easily stop for a passenger to take a leak… in America, there is most likely to be a restroom nearby or even in that Greyhound or Peter Pan. But what if you are thirsty (when your water has ran out), and no one else is offering you a spare bottle or a drop. There may be some hope ahead for you because you are heading either home or the next rest stop, or traffic light (with hawkers).

What about those desert-like areas? What of those whose governments are yet to connect their communities to the pipe-borne water ‘grid’? What of those who bath, pee, and shii and bathe in the save water body they drink and cook from? Ever considered the amount of money used to make water potable? Ever wandered how a drop saved today to be a needed drop on the morrow? Ever considered making small changes in our water-using habits; like leaving the basin tap on with our one hand on the wall or hip, and the other scouring our teeth? Oh yes, sometimes, it’s unconscious, but most times, it is cultivated… I have had a roommate like that.. just this semester. I said it once, it’s as if he does it to piss me off. But inasmuch as silence is the best answer to a fool, there are people who would love enlightenment; because like me, they believe they don’t know it all.

Alongside, there are some sources of water wastage like (unfixed and unreported) burst pipes. So far as passers-by have flow of water, there is nothing wrong with water gushing out of a burst pipe. Well, here and now, I am subscribing to Ghandi’s ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. I would like to know people report water leakages, fix broken taps (in their homes and school), and in totality, use water wisely! With all to do, I introduce to you a new blog… “The Plumber’s Son”, inspired by my passion for sensible water use with the hope of ensuring sustainability for Mother Earth’s sister/mum. Thank you.

The Plumber’s Son

Help finalise ‘The HydroSavers’ Creed’

I pledge to save water
My whole being I put on offer
To ensure sustainable water use
That my deeds will diffuse

I’ll report burst pipes promptly
Of course to the right authority
When I get to use a big cistern
I’mma slightly make the ball turn

If I get to use a shower
I would with plenty ….
Ask how much water you’ll use
If your bath was with a bucket

or Ask what you are washing off your body
Is it the heat or lather applied already
So you keep the water flowing
When there’s no more white for washing

In using the wash hand basin
Nno need to wet paste before brushing
Stick the brush in your mouth
‘Twill make saliva enough

Why open the tap when still brushing
When u r not yet ready 4 rinsing
Its a painfully wasteful act
When some don’t have water in fact

When buying a water closet
I’mma get one with a little outlet
Seems to drag away the stuff quickly
Stead of just draining water uselessly

Use water wisely

Every morning
I’d been hearing
sounds of water gushing
and quickly draining
in the sink
I would never think
there was a human being
over there using

For lack of time I never
bothered to play checker
but it pricked by member
because my dad’s a plumber
Continued for some days another

Then on a day another
I went forth near the shower
Couldn’t believe a possible father
Stark naked in front of the mirror
Looking like a waster
Had opened the water
Which was flowing like a river

I said hi to him
And continued to ask him
Whether he’d use all the water
Gathered in the collector
Having turned towards me
He kept looking at me
Not answering the question
I had asked with a notion

I gathered some mor
courage to play advisor
Told him the scarcity of water
And that we all should endeavour
To become a saver
Especially of pipe-borne water
To use it wisely
And not block-headedly

Still he wouldn’t respond
So I left him and his small pond
Back in my room I listened
For if his attitude had changed
It wasn’t immediate
Perhaps to feign checkmate
But he became a turner
And sound of gushing water
Reduced to little drops
At least to create mutual winners